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Pop singer MAX will be releasing his new album "Color Vision" in September and on July 24, the short previews of his songs were released!

Many of BTS's fans, ARMY, had noticed that Suga was featured on his 6th track 'Blueberry Eyes'. The short preview could be listened officially through YouTube Music as well as Apple Music.

Needless to say, there is also a fan who had edited the part where Suga was featured and uploaded on YouTube.

Check out the amazing and visually pleasing fan edit clip above!

Many also noticed that despite being a track sang in English, Suga had rapped in Korean and added his own style and musicality to it.

With that being said, ARMY was loving how original and new 'Blueberry Eyes' sounds. Some also could not believe that they needed to wait all the way to September for the release of the song.

Short Preview Of MAX's 'Blueberry Eyes' Featuring BTS's Suga Hypes Fans Up

BTS Official Twitter

Previously, the two of them were seen hanging out together in both Korea and the U.S. MAX was also featured in Suga's mixtape "D-2".

MAX's new album "Color Vision" will be released on Sept. 18 on all music stores.

Are you loving the friendship Suga and MAX has?


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