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BIGHIT MUSIC has announced that they will be holding global auditions to find the members of their new boy group. They are hoping to discover the next BTS and TXT. Read the details below to find out how to apply.

BTS released a video explaining their journey before their debut and inspiring others to start their journey through this global audition. 

They also explain the application process in detail in the video below.

Here's what it takes to apply:

Regardless of your nationality and residence, any male born from 2002 can take part!

There are 4 categories: dance, rap, vocals, and producing. You can choose one to audition for.

The online applications are open from Monday, October 18 to Monday, December 20, 2021 on the official BIGHIT MUSIC audition website

The slogan for the audition is, "Play Your Music!" So make sure to apply and tell your story through music.


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