MONSTA X Are Victims Of Disrespectful Comments On Australian Radio, Fans Are Ready To Trend #ApologizeToMonstaX

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MONSTA X Are Victims Of Disrespectful Comments On Australian Radio, Fans Are Ready To Trend #ApologizeToMonstaX

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It is not new for K-Pop fans to hear that idols are being looked down and mentioned in unprofessional ways and in the worst cases victims of racist comments.

This time, it is MONSTA X who was the victim of rude, disrespectful and unprofessional comments on the Australian radio show “Trending Twenty” hosted by Angus O’Loughlin.

For those who don’t know, MONSTA X just recently released a song ‘WHO DO U LOVE?’ ft. French Montana. If you have yet to check the MV, you can here.

In the host’s introduction of the song and the group, fans pointed out several issues such as discrediting them as artists, saying that French Montana still has “no idea” who MONSTA X is, calling them MONSTER X (and not MONSTA X), comparing them with BTS , and much more. The transcript will help you understand why many said it was insulting.

Host: “If I was a [The] Voice mentor, I wouldn’t turn my chair. Let me tell you a bit about them though. There’s 7 of them, just like BTS. They were formed on a reality television show in 2015 and this song features French Montana – who I can guarantee you had no idea who MONSTER X were and probably still has no idea and I would presume he just took the paycheck for his 29 second verse. Literally, it’s 29 seconds. MONSTER X featuring French Montana, the song is ‘WHO DO U LOVE?'”.

Watch the video to catch the tone of the host in the video uploaded by a fan on Twitter.

MONBEBE decided to ask for an apology and shared the project to trend the hashtag #ApologizetoMonstaX on June 25, 6 pm KST.

Regarding the event, fans commented “This is disrespectful to all three artists mentioned”, “Who introduces a song like that? For any artists?”, “Absolutely disrespectful and unnecessary”, “What was said about MONSTA X was not acceptable, was unprofessional and MONSTA X are owed an apology!”, etc.

Many are waiting for the host or radio’s comment.


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Imma fight them! Who do they think they are?! If you have nothing nice to say, why say it at all? I don’t know who French Montana and you don’t see me complaining! Who give you any right to compare them to BTS?! Monsta X is a completely different group! Yes, so they both have 7 people, AND?! No need to compare!! #ApologizeToMonstaX


#ApologizeToMonstaX the show was too rude. we need an apology