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One of the well loved activities of K-Pop idols by their fans is watching them eat or in other words, mokbang!

Just a day ago, TXT appeared on SBS “Inkigayo Check-in Live” and they were seen eating pizza and spaghetti during the live. Their fans, MOA loves to see that they are eating well and glad to see that they are doing well even though they had just concluded their promotion for ‘Run Away’.

If you have yet to see the episode, you can take a look below.

While they were digging on the food brought in front of them, there were some MOA and netizens who had noticed how leader SooBin ate his spaghetti and pizza!

Netizens Notice How TXT’s SooBin Uses A Slice Of Pizza As A Plate


He had actually used a slice of pizza as a plate for his spaghetti!

MOA could not help but also talked about how adorable he is and also praised him for the smart idea of using the pizza as a plate.

Would you have thought of something like this too?



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