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PENTAGON's E'Dawn has been gaining fans' attention because of his delicate image.

He is not only known for his fair skin but also his unique aura when he is on and off stage.

Fans Are In Love With PENTAGON E'Dawn's Delicate Image

PENTAGON Instagram

Compared to some idols who are always bright and energetic, E'Dawn is considered to the opposite of them. He tends to give off the impression that he is 'feeble'.

Fans Are In Love With PENTAGON E'Dawn's Delicate Image

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During a time when he appeared on a radio show, he seemed to be using a lot of his strength in putting headphones over his neck. Fans were wondering if he was unwell but it appeared that he was fine!

Through V-Live, E'Dawn showed his fans how he was planting of seeds into three different pots.

He placed the seeds into the pots carefully and fans could also notice how gentle he was when was watering them. He had named his plants 'CheolSu', 'YoungHee' and 'NaRi'.

He assured his fans that he would be taking good care of the seeds which he had planted and uploaded selfies of him with the pots.

Once again, he was seen with a scarf wrapped around his head and his face is also slightly 'flushed'. Fans could not help but think about the contrasting images he has. He is very caring but at the same time, fans feel that he needs to be cared.

About 4 days later, he updated on Twitter excitingly as he told his fans that 'YoungHee' has slightly sprouted! Although it is very minimal, both E'Dawn as well as his fans are feeling proud for him.

He eventually also updated his fans about the growth of the seeds on PENTAGON's fan cafe. Fans are loving how sweet he is and it shows his personality as to how he is prone to details.

Fans Are In Love With PENTAGON E'Dawn's Delicate Image


Judging from the entire process of E'Dawn taking care of his baby seedlings, fans could tell that he is someone full of love and care. As such, they feel the need to 'protect' him even more. In addition to his good looks and image, fans are also loving how unique his character is.

However, because of the delicate image E'Dawn has, many fans were surprised by his amazing body during filming.

What do you think of PENTAGON's E'Dawn?


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Jun 1, 2018 01:39 am

I adore Edawn, he's refreshing in that he is free spirited and is himself on and off stage. He's so caring, gentle, yet I think he can be fierce when he needs to. Happy birthday to him today! June 1!