Idols’ Ideal Type Compilation: MinHyun of NU’EST and Wanna One

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Idols’ Ideal Type Compilation: MinHyun of NU’EST and Wanna One

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On top of his beautiful appearance, being a member of Wanna One, one of the hottest male K-Pop acts rivaling even the likes of BTS in terms of popularity, inevitably allows MinHyun to exist as an idol that girls go head over heels crazy over.

Born on August 9th, 1995 in Busan, South Korea, he was first scouted by Pledis Entertainment. He debuted as a member of NU’EST on March 2012 and has been active as both an idol and a model. He came in 9th place for during ‘Produce 101’ and became one of the final 11 members of Wanna One.


MinHyun‘s Ideal Type

Here comes the surprise of the century. MinHyun has literally little to no experience with women. How is that possible you ask? It sure beats us as well and we low-key don’t believe it. It’s amazing how someone as handsome and sexy as MinHyun doesn’t have any history with a long line of beautiful women. 

He has only dated a girl once and that could hardly be called dating since he said himself he never met her in person and only interacted with her through text messages. He has also expressed his shy and innocent nature by also revealing that shaking hands and hugging fans were the very first and also only physical contact he’s ever had with women throughout his life.

When asked about his ideal type on NU’EST member Aaron‘s radio talk show, he said he’s into someone who can cook well, is into fashion, tall, and with short hair. It was revealed his ideal type is closest to South Korean actress Ko JoonHee. Additionally, while he does seem to really like chic city girls with a slightly cold personality, he usually ends up falling for the ‘good girl’ type.

When he saw that fans were disheartened by his taste for women with short hair, he later took back what he said and replied that he likes women as long as they all have hair. 

Recently, he has added that his ideal type of girl is someone who can adjust or interact naturally well with his extremely cleanliness-preserving character.

Wanna One, Wanna One Profile, MinHyun, MinHyun Profile

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