NCT's JiSung will be appearing on KBS "Dancing High".

On August 7th, it was revealed that JiSung will be participating in the upcoming dance battle program which is targeted on teenagers who have the passion for dance.

According to an insider, it was revealed that JiSung will be appearing as a contestant and even though he has already debuted as a member of NCT, he will be competing fair and square with his dancing skills.

Previously, it was reported that "Dancing High" is a dance battle program which allows teenagers with the passion and dream of becoming a dancer to compete through dance battles. Choreographer Lia Kim, Just Jerk, HIGHLIGHT's GiKwang, Lee HoWon, WINNER's Hoony were revealed to be the mentors for the show.

JiSung is also known to be a very good dancer especially for his young age.

Are you excited for the show?


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