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With the rise in amount of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, the government has been taking several measures to reduce the spread of the virus by cancelling or postponing large gatherings and events.

It has affected the schedules of many K-Pop idols and fans. Once again, UP10TION's WooShin or better known as Kim WooSeok, has had his solo fanmeeting postponed.

On Mar. 2, TOP Media had made the official announcement and mentioned that they will be postponing the solo fanmeeting which was originally scheduled to be on Mar. 15.

TOP Media Postpones Kim WooSeok's Fanmeeting Once Again

TOP Media

They believed that it is the best to protect the health of the artist as well as fans and hence mentioned that they had decided to postpone it.

Previously, the fanmeeting for Kim WooSeok was already postponed once but due to the rising numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the agency had postponed once again.

Many fans mentioned that they are glad that TOP Media had decided to postpone the fanmeeting and hope that the situation will calm down as soon as possible.


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