As the year is coming to an end, it is time to look back in time. This year offered many dramas of good qualities with good plots and solid acting.

This year too many OSTs of quality were released. In Korea, "Hotel Del Luna" OSTs have been especially popular this year.

We made a list of what could be the best drama OSTs of this year. Let us know in the poll and in the comments what are the best OSTs of 2019 according to you.


1- Gummy - 'Remember Me' - "Hotel Del Luna" OST

"Hotel Del Luna" is one of the most popular dramas this year. All the songs of the drama were popular but this track of Gummy is our pick.


2- VERIVERY - 'My Beauty' - "Extraordinary You" OST

"Extraordinary You" was popular and this OST conveys the freshness and cuteness of the drama with lyrics about someone being unable to hide his feelings of love. Rookie group VERIVERY with MinChan, GyeHyeon, and YeonHo sang their first OST.


3- HaJin - 'We All Lie' - "SKY Castle" OST

Impossible to miss this song. It was released in late 2018 but the hit drama "SKY Castle" aired until 2019. 'We All Lie' is the most popular OST of the drama and gained popularity over the globe with over 10 million views on YouTube.


4- O.WHEN - 'Stay' - "Angel's Last Mission: Love" OST

"Angel's Last Mission: Love" made viewers tears with their beautiful yet sad love story. The song 'Stay' is touching and emotional. It is definitely one of the best OSTs of the year.


5- NCT U - 'Baby Only You' - "Tale of NokDu" OST

DoYoung and Mark teamed up in NCT U to sing an OST for the drama "Tale of NokDu". The song is dynamic and bright and that matches well with the comic and romantic vibes of the drama. It is an addictive song.


6- Heize - 'Destiny Tells Me' - "When The Camellia Blooms" OST

"When The Camellia Blooms" is also a not-to-miss drama of the year. Heize sung for the drama in this soft track 'Destiny Tells Me'.

What is the best K-Drama OST of 2019?

Dec 02, 2019 ~ Dec 22, 2019

Gummy - 'Remember Me'

30.6% (1,108)

VERIVERY - 'My Beauty'

14.7% (531)

HaJin - 'We All Lie'

8% (291)

O.WHEN - 'Stay'

8.2% (298)

NCT U - 'Baby Only You'

9.6% (346)

Heize - 'Destiny Tells Me'

5% (181)


23.8% (861)


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Wonpil's Piano
Wonpil's Piano
Dec 4, 2019 02:03 pm

Hotel Del Luns: Taeyeon - All About You

Dec 4, 2019 10:04 am

take - jus2
he is psychometric

Sapna Devi
Sapna Devi
Dec 4, 2019 01:31 am

"Way you back" from DOCTOR JOHN

Dec 3, 2019 04:12 am

YOON Maeri My Dream shpuld be one also its a beautiful song

Kanmani K
Kanmani K
Dec 3, 2019 11:46 pm
Reply to  Elena

That's right ..I too thought the same...