There are many notable male actors that are rising in fame and one of them that caught the attention of many K-Drama fans is none other than Yoon KyunSang.

However, for those who might be new to him, you might recognised him in some of the dramas he had acted in. Those include SBS "Pinnocchio", SBS "Doctors" and also currently, JTBC "Clean With Passion For Now".

Let's find out more about his ideal type!


Yoon KyunSang's Ideal Type

Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Yoon KyunSang

Yoon KyunSang Instagram

Yoon KyunSang mentioned in past interview that through many projects he had worked on, he felt that the most charismatic factor of a woman is someone who is able to 'erase his thoughts'. He chose actress Son YeJin as his ideal type and shared that she was really pretty.

In addition, he shared on his SNS account that he used to like pretty women with gorgeous figures but now, his preference has changed. He prefers someone who will love him till death and someone who will age prettily.


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Yun KyunSang
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