"SKY Castle" is the hottest drama of the moment in Korea. The drama's ratings break records.

It is the storytelling of families that live in SKY Castle, a place where 0.1% of the population can enter. The place where very rich and influential people live. Mothers of that place want to make their husband kings and their children princes/princesses. The mothers are desperately greedy. The drama mainly focuses on the education of their children.

This article contains spoilers.

In the last episodes of the drama (15-16th episode), many events have been shocking viewers, starting by the death of one of the characters. Kim BoRa (as Kim HyeNa) was pushed from the up of a tower and died at the hospital. All the residents of the castle are under investigation.

SF9‘s Chani is Hwang WooJoo, a smart and friendly high school student. He has been catching the attention of viewers since his entrance in the story for his good-natured and politeness. His character was somehow dating the belated girl. He was arrested after the police have found his DNA under the nails of the girl. The police also have a video showing someone with a red sweater (same clothing as Chani on the day) pushing the girl over.

However, all this is part of the scheme of Kim SeoHyung (as Kim JooYoung). She is using him as a scapegoat. The innocent boy that was devastated by the death of the girl he loved was arrested and his parents let in a helpless situation.

Chani acts the character with much immersion and depth with a good depiction of all the emotions the character was going through.

SF9's Chani Became A Scapegoat, Accused Of Murder In "SKY Castle"


Many viewers are curious to see how Chani will be able to prove his innocence despite the framing.

Were you moved by his acting?


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