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In the latest video on WEi's YouTube channel, member Kang SeokHwa takes over to film some personal content for his fans. He explains that since as an idol, he often gets his makeup done in shops, he wanted to try their techniques himself. He revealed that ever since high school, he has been interested in makeup, and out of all the members in the group, he's the best at it too! As a matter of fact, his members ask him to do their makeup before V-Live broadcasts. Over time, he has gathered quite the know-how on idol makeup. With his base makeup and brows done, he proceeded to do the rest.

WEi's Kang SeokHwa Is A Beauty Guru Giving You Makeup Tips In Latest Video

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The makeup look he was following and trying to recreate was his look from 'BYE BYE BYE' promotions. He mentioned that it was a fun look with many highlights, which is why he wanted to try it. Most of the makeup items he brought were his own, gifted by friends or makeup artists. 

SeokHwa really looked like a professional makeup artist doing his makeup, especially with how well he explained the steps for viewers to follow along. If you'd like to have that idol look as well, this makeup video will give you exactly the tips you need.

You can watch the full video below to see how the look turned out!

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