Note that this article contains majors spoilers about the second half of the drama.

Are you keeping up with the school romance "A Love So Beautiful" (of KakaoTV and available on Netflix)? WEi'Kim YoHanSo JooYeon, and Yeo HoeHyun are winning the hearts of a lot of viewers with their cute stories.

At the beginning of the drama, So JooYeon (as Sin SolYi) and Kim YoHan (as Cha Heon) are high school students but in the later part of the drama, they are university students. He is studying medicine and her arts.

The two of them are now dating. Kim YoHan is now a sweet boyfriend with a campus boyfriend look.

Here is a small selection of their most adorable scenes as a campus couple.


1.- First kiss

It happened! After all these times, So JooYeon (as Sin SolYi) finally won over the heart of Kim YoHan (as Cha Heon). They had their first kiss on a beautiful night.

 4 Cutest Campus Romance Scenes With WEi's Kim YoHan & So JooYeon In "A Love So Beautiful"



2. "Help Me"

While they were drinking alcohol with fellow university students, Kim YoHan ended up asking for So JooYeon's help as a girl was about to confess his feelings for him.

She pretended to feel sick and they left the place after he said that they would leave because "his girlfriend" was sick.

It was the first time, he called her "his girlfriend" and she loved to hear it.


3. Little peck on her cheek

So JooYeon & Kim YoHan are definitely a cute couple and that especially when he gave her a little peck on her cheek.


4. Studying together at the library

The two of them headed to the library to study over night. While he was studying, she was reading a book with him turning pages for her because she couldn't with her gloves.


Bonus: Tearing on his sleeves

It was just between high school and university. Kim YoHan was accepted into the university and she was not. Crying because she didn't make it, Kim YoHan lend her his two sleeves to cry (yes, two).

Did you also fall for the cute couple?


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