4 K-Pop Idols Who Are Called JinYoung

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4 K-Pop Idols Who Are Called JinYoung

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CIX Official Twitter / JinYoung Instagram

Continuing from the series of K-Pop idols with similar names, today we will be covering 4 different K-Pop idols who are called JinYoung!

Let’s find out who they are!


#1 B1A4’s JinYoung

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JinYoung Instagram

Long time K-Pop fans would know who JinYoung is! Currently focusing more on his acting career, JinYoung had left WM Entertainment some time ago and also acted in drama “My First First Love” with DIA ‘s ChaeYeon and JiSoo.


#2 GOT7 ‘s JinYoung

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JinYoung Official Instagram

JinYoung actually debuted with the stage name JR because of how he had the exact same name as Park JinYoung from JYP Entertainment. He had decided to use his birth name some time later.


#3 CIX ‘s Bae JinYoung

cix, cix profile, cix facts, cix leader, cix age, cix debut, cix bae jinyoung, bae jinyoung

CIX Official Twitter

Bae JinYoung is also another familiar JinYoung that many K-Pop fans know. Starting with his debut in Wanna One and now in CIX , he has been gaining lots of fans with his charismatic personality.


#4 D1CE ‘s Woo JinYoung

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D1CE Official Twitter

After undergoing multiple survival shows, Woo JinYoung has finally made his official debut as a member of D1CE. Fans could not feel any happier when it was first announced!


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All of them are named jinyoung but each one of them are different and we love them all! ❤️ Oh and happy birthday park jinyoung, we wish you happy birthday and stay happy in all your life along with your members! ❤️


Got7 jinyoung is the only jinyoung I know and love since jjproject days <3


where’s the great JYP??? hahahah


Also you missed Hong Jinyoung hahah


So if your name is Jinyoung, it means you’re handsome and talented ?