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Do you know the famous umbrella scene of Kang DongWon? It was in the movie "Temptation of the Wolves" (2004). The actor is very famous in Korea for his good acting and looks. This scene is considered as one of his best.

Actor Yang SeJong is currently acting in the drama “Still 17”. The drama is popular and Yang SeJong is getting spotlight as the main character.

The actor posted back in December a picture of himself wearing black and holding an umbrella. In the caption, he wrote, "Dr. Romantic", "Do InBum", "Yang SeJong", and "Good People".


His puppy features and cute visual are making fans heart to flutter.

Netizens commented, "You look cool", "You are my ideal type, I am watching your drama", "Oppa your face so cool!", "Love You", etc.

Do you think he has the potential to be the second Kang DongWon?


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