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On Apr. 6, WINNER's SeungYoon or better known as Yoon and MiNo had made their appearance on radio show KBS "Jung EunJi's Gayo Plaza".

They were there to promote their new upcoming 3rd full length album "Remember" that will be released on Apr. 9, 6 pm KST. During that time, the two members shared a great time talking to Apink's EunJi by sharing some of the recent episodes that happened among the WINNER members.

With that being said, MiNo had mentioned that there is actually a reason why SeungYoon is skinny. He revealed that because SeungYoon is a picky eater, he does not eat a lot of different kinds of food. SeungYoon can be considered as a 'one food style'.

WINNER's SeungYoon Would Choose To Eat This Food For The Rest Of His Life

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Hearing the words from MiNo, SeungYoon then explained that after living with the other members, he had changed a lot of his eating habits.

If he were to choose only one type of food to eat for the rest of his life, SeungYoon revealed that he would eat Korean BBQ meat and grilled kimchi.

EunJi who had heard his answered continued by asking "without rice?" and he agreed by saying that he could just live without the rice.

It seems like Korean BBQ meat is SeungYoon's favorite dish.


Previously, WINNER had released 'Hold' before the official release of "Remember" on Apr. 9.

What food would you choose?


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