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Are you a fan of survival or audition program? In 2021, Kpopmap had noticed that there will be 4 survival programs to look forward to!

One of them which is gaining limelight recently is "Girls Planet 999". According to Mnet it is a new challenge for aspiring idols from Korea, China and Japan. They aim to debut a group that will be active and promote on the global stage.

If you are curious to learn more about this show, let's take a look at some of the information that Kpopmap had gathered so far!


1. Airing date

Previously in January this year, Mnet mentioned that they aimed to release the show by end of 2021. However, according to a Korean report released on April 7, it suggested that the first recording of the show will take place some time in June.

 3 Things We Know About Mnet "Girls Planet 999"


This could only mean that Mnet is rounding up the participants who had applied for the show and finalizing the remaining details.

With that, there is a high chance that the first airing of "Girls Planet 999" might take place in early August or latest by September.


2. Trainees and current female K-Pop idols

In addition to the Korean report, it was revealed that Cherry Bullethad applied to be on the program.

All of the members of Cherry Bullet had applied to be on the show and this cause many K-Pop fans to wonder if it was going to be similar to Mnet "Produce" series.

 3 Things We Know About Mnet "Girls Planet 999"

FNC Entertainment

For viewers who did not watch "Produce" series, participants are either trainees or idols who had already made their debut.

With such rules, some are already wondering if trainees who had never made their appearance before would be at an disadvantage.

Needless to say, we can only confirm once Mnet releases more information about the show.


3. Partnership with 'UNIVERSE'

If you have been following K-Pop for some time, you would notice that there is a newly launched platform that allows communication between K-Pop idols and fans called 'UNIVERSE'.

 3 Things We Know About Mnet "Girls Planet 999"


It is created by NCSOFT and they have decided to operate the platform as an official partner. 'UNIVERSE' has started its service in 134 global countries and continues to introduce exclusive content.

Many believe that with the partnership it has with Mnet, viewers might be using the app for future voting or exclusive content.


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Ash James
Ash James
Jun 25, 2021 04:50 am

I’m so hyped & excited