Welcome to our sweetest Editor's Choice Kpopmap series: the Romantic Pick! In this biweekly series with articles released on Wednesdays, we pick the most heart-fluttering, impactful, and aww-worthy scene from ongoing K-Dramas and analyze it from start to end. 

There are a number of romantic K-Dramas airing at the moment: "Lovers of the Red Sky", "Dali and Cocky Prince", "The King's Affection" and "Yumi's Cells" with many more coming soon.

This week, our favourite romantic pick is a scene from "The King's Affection"!

Spoiler Alert!

The scene we have picked today marks the reinitiation of a love story as pure as a lotus. SF9's RoWoon plays Jung JiUn, a learned scholar and physician running a clinic named Samgaebang. Park EunBin plays Dami, who in turn plays the role of the Crown Prince of the kingdom. 

In the first two episodes of the show, we learn that after the Royal Princess gave birth to twins, they were separated at birth in the Princess' last effort to protect her daughter from being murdered by royal command. The male child grew up to be the Crown Prince Lee Hwi whereas the female child was taken in by a temple monk and later became a court maid. As fate would have it, the two siblings come face-to-face and develop a close friendship whereby she helps him go out in disguise while she stays in the palace posing as the Crown Prince. During this time, she meets Jung JiUn with whom she promptly connects, and the two fall in love after they fall into a pond near her house. 

This simple exchange is seemingly harmless but that is until Dami's real identity (which is unknown even to her) is disclosed, leading to a manhunt for her life. However, the Crown Prince gets caught in the switch and loses his life in place of Dami. Desperate to cover up the situation, the Royal Princess permanently posits Dami as the Crown Prince. 

Years later, the Crown Prince is on a hunting spree when an arrow hits her headwear, making her hair and binding come undone. She quickly hides by a lake in the forest to fix it ad Jung JiUn happens to stumble across her. Seeing that she is vulnerable and the "Prince" is out hunting, he offers to help her escape. 

Holding hands, they run away as they are pursued by the royal guards. However, they are unable to completely evade them are they are driven to the edge of a cliff. Not seeing any other way to escape, Dami pushes Jung JiUn down the cliff but he grabs her before he falls, making both of them dive deep down into the water. 

While underwater, Dami's swimming skills allow her to stay conscious whereas JiUn begins to drown, just like the first time they met. After rescuing him, Dami leaves him on the shore, reminding us of the iconic "Legend of the Blue Sea" scene. This is where their love story resumes: right where they left it off. 

The scene was impactful enough to leave goosebumps and make our hearts flutter at the same time, simply from how significant and fateful it was. 

Are you watching "The King's Affection"? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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