MONSTA X member Shownu used to be a backup dancer for veteran idol Lee HyoRi back in his earlier days.

While most MONBEBE may have been aware, K-Pop fans new to the scene and new MONBEBE perhaps might find this interesting.

Shownu in the past once talked about what Lee HyoRi was like during an episode of 'Two Yoo Project Sugarman 2'. He also made everyone laugh by revealing that literally everyone had asked him about his time as Lee HyoRi's backup question for nearly three years.

While also thanking Lee HyoRi because he got more screen time due to his connection with her.

So what was Lee HyoRi like?

An absolute angel, as everyone probably expected. She would often buy the entire dance crew dinner after shows and make sure that they had extra pocket money as well.

Oh and get this. She also made sure that all the backup dancers looked their best with well toned skin, which is why she paid for all the expenses of their tanning salon membership!


Below are some moments where we can see Shownu dancing with Lee HyoRi.



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