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For fans of Golden Child, there is a high chance that you already know that JangJun is a rather hilarious and funny member of the group.

He had his own web reality series on YouTube channel "dingo" where he showed off his variety skills and comical character. If you did not have a chance to watch it, you can do so below. It comes with English subtitles!

On April 13, it was member TAG's birthday and during his birthday V-Live, JangJun had made a short appearance. During the V-Live, JangJun wished TAG a happy birthday and also did not forget to share a story where he had lost and found his wallet.

Through the re-run above, you can check out the moment around 19:50 where JangJun shared the story.

He began by sharing that he headed to Burger King to eat 'bulgogi burger' and realised that he had lost his wallet after coming out.

JangJun had put his hand in his pocket and he felt that his wallet missing. He did not know what to do and ended up calling the police station!

The idol reenacted the scene and many fans who were watching the V-Live could not help but laugh as the way he had done it was hilarious.

Golden Child's JangJun Shares Story Of How He Had Lost And Found His Wallet

V-Live Screenshot

In the end, a kind samaritan had found and left his wallet in the nearest police station. JangJun was extremely grateful and ended up heading over to pick it up!

He even mentioned that he would give a reward to the person who had picked up his wallet if he or she were to contact Woollim Entertainment.

In the end, JangJun concluded that there are still many kind-hearted people out there and the world is still a warm place to live.

Golden Child's JangJun Shares Story Of How He Had Lost And Found His Wallet

V-Live Screenshot

Fans were glad to learn that JangJun was able to get back his wallet and mentioned that whoever found his wallet was really lucky too.

Nonetheless, it seemed like JangJun had gone through quite a rollercoaster of emotions.

Were you amazed by JangJun's story?



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