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Lovelyz's SuJeong will be releasing her solo album for the first time after 6 years.

On May 6, Woollim Entertainment had announced that SuJeong will be releasing her solo album on May 20. 6 years after her debut with Lovelyz, she will be debuting as a solo artist.

In Lovelyz, SuJeong is a vocalist and through various music and variety programs, she had the opportunity to show off her vocal skills. In 2016, she also had the chance to sing with Brown Eyed Soul's YoungJun as a duet.

Lovelyz's SuJeong To Work With Song Writer Of 'Ah-Choo' For Her Debut Album

Woollim Entertainment

Her solo album named "Tiger Eyes" also has the same name as her title track. It was revealed for the title track, SuJeong had worked with the song writer of 'Ah-Choo'. 'Ah-Choo' is one of the hit tracks of Lovelyz and with that being said, many fans became more curious about her solo album.

It is expected that through this solo album, more will be able to recognize the talent of SuJeong as a vocalist, sing-song writer and artist.

"Tiger Eyes" will be released on May 20.

Are you looking forward to the solo album?


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