Who Are The Tallest And The Shortest B1A4?

B1A4 Height Chart, Idol Height Chart, Idol Group Profile, B1A4 Coemback, B1A4 Performances
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Though it was very unfortunate for fans of B1A4 to miss music stages in MBC and SBS due to their riots, the new program “Master Key” is providing enough scenes to let fans meet JinYoung on screen.

Also, aside form JinYoung, SanDeul was on “Hello Counselor” last Monday, where he gave helpful and hopeful advice. Aside from the two actively participating on TV programs, fans were able to meet all the members performing in a lot of fall music festivals this year. Fans meetings were held a couple of times this year, so that provided another chances to meet the five boy face to face. The group isn’t the type of a group where they get huge attention for a brief moment while they perform and be forgotten until their next comeback. Whether in performing period or not, the group constantly communicates with fans in diverse ways.

So, since B1A4 is never been completely missing from our daily lives, it’s important for fans to reacting to their communication, isn’t it? One of the small way of communicating maybe knowing the smallest details about them and searching for them! Here is one point to start if you are looking for a small detail, B1A4’s height chart!

B1A4 Height Chart, Idol Height Chart, Idol Group Profile, B1A4 Coemback, B1A4 Performances


One interesting  fact aside from the fact that the group is pretty small, considering the average members groups have these days, there are THREE people of the same height! There is the tallest, the second to the tallest and three smallest members of the SAME HEIGHT! Can you believe this? The Tallest member is ShinWoo, who is as tall as 182 cm (5.97 ft). Following next to him is  GongChan, who is as tall as 181 cm (5.93 ft). The smallest members are obviously JinYoung, SanDeul, and BaRo! Three boys are of 178 cm (5.83 ft). They aren’t quite small as the usual small member in other groups, aren’t they?

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