"Busted" (Netflix 2018) is raising many attention from the fans! So many viewers like the show but it is soon ending.

As previously reported, the show has top stars such as Gugudan’s SeJeong,  EXO’s SeHunLee KwangSoo, Yoo JaeSuk, and more. Each episode have special guests such as Red Velvet’s Wendy, Park HaeJinSeo KangJoon etc.

This week, on Friday 25th, episode 7 and 8 will have an amazing cast too! Such as actress Jung HyeSung, AOA's HyeJeong, Kriesha Chu, etc.

Actress Jung HyeSung, AOA's HyeJeong And More Are Guests For Upcoming “Busted” Episode 7 and 8


There are more guests, you can see the entire list in English with pictures in the two posts below. Don’t forget to check all the pictures of each post.

Here is the teaser of this week's episodes titled "The Disappeared Magician" and "The Mysterious Gentleman".

Ready for laughter and more shocking revelations?

Who is your favorite cast in the show?


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